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Do I need to bring anything with me for my first appointment?

No just bring yourself! Some brides prefer to bring shoes that have a similar heel height to those they will wear on the day and some prefer to wear nude underwear so it doesn't show through the dresses. But please don't worry at this stage.

Some brides bring all their bridesmaids, mum and mum-in-law to be! This is fine and we enjoy meeting everyone - it is always a lovely atmosphere in the shop on those days! But it can be easier to choose just a couple of friends or family who know you well and whose opinions you trust.

Do I need to book an appointment?

It is not always necessary to book an appointment.

At Weekends and busy times in the season we do encourage appointments, however if you just want to pop in - don't worry! We can always treat you to a cup of tea whilst you are waiting!

I have my first fitting with my dress should I bring anything?

Some brides like to bring the whole kit and caboodle when they try their dress on - even the lipstick they will wear on the day! This is no problem.

However all you really need to bring are your shoes and your underwear that you will wear on the big day - our wonderful in house seamstress needs to ensure your hem is the correct length and that your underwear is concealed!

Remember, although you may use it on the day, for fittings please do not wear false tan as this can mark the dresses beforehand!

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